Our support fosters understanding, fuels market growth,
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Astrasana Japan Co. Ltd.

In Japan, various non-profit organisations, general associations and companies are disseminating information to promote correct understanding and awareness of cannabis. By supporting and cooperating with the activities of these organisations and companies, we contribute to public understanding, the development of the Japanese market and the creation of an environment that makes it easier for necessary products to reach the people who need them.


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Project CBD

Project CBD is one of the earliest websites to provide information on CBD and medical cannabis, including CBD basics, the latest research on the use of CBD and medical cannabis in the treatment of various diseases, and information on treatments and therapies.

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Japanese Society for Clinical Cannabinoid Research

The Japanese Society for Clinical Cannabinoid Research promotes research on cannabinoids and contributes to Japanese healthcare and welfare through knowledge exchange.

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Japan Hemp Association

The Japan Hemp Association promotes research into the functionality of hemp and other functional ingredients derived from the Asclepiadaceae plant (CBD, xanthohumol, etc.), ensuring their safety in line with the standards of the Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as well as supporting research and formulation development.

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Hemp Industry Development Organisation

The Hemp Industry Development Organisation promotes the creation of new industries by providing accurate information on the history and significance of cannabis cultivation, raising ethical awareness and providing a safe meeting place for people to pursue various possibilities.

Cbd journey

CBD Journey

Information on overseas trends at Japan's largest CBD/Hemp exhibition & conference, including sessions by overseas Cannabis companies.

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