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The realm of medical cannabis stands at the intersection of science, health, and alternative treatments, offering hope and relief to patients worldwide.

Medical Cannabis

As the need for the use of medical cannabis (medicines made from cannabis) grows around the world, the Astrasana Group has begun prescribing medical cannabis in pharmacies based on doctor's prescriptions in both Switzerland and the Czech Republic, two countries that are leading players in the European medical cannabis industry.

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In August 2022, the law on medical cannabis was amended in Switzerland. Prior to the legal change, a special permit from the Swiss federal government was required, but after the legal change, patients can now receive a prescription for medical cannabis directly from their doctor for medical purposes. The cultivation and export of medical cannabis is also now permitted.

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Czech Republic

In December 2012, the Czech parliament passed the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Based on electronic prescriptions from healthcare professionals, the system is patient-friendly, with indications for certain symptoms such as chronic pain and nausea related to the treatment of HIV disease, as well as public medical insurance coverage for the use of cannabis in emergency care.

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