Astrasana Japan Co. Ltd. is the Japanese subsidiary of Astrasana Holding Ltd, based in Switzerland. The Astrasana Group is active in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK and Japan.

Astrasana Japan Co. Ltd.

Astrasana Japan Co. Ltd. is a provider of hemp-derived raw materials in compliance with Japanese regulations. We aim to provide new value to meet customer needs and expectations by manufacturing, developing and distributing hemp-derived products of superior quality, ensuring evidence-based safety.

Authorised importers

As a subsidiary of the Swiss corporation Astrasana Holding AG, we proudly serve as the official importer of high-quality hemp-derived raw materials, meeting the stringent food product regulations set forth by Japanese authorities. Our commitment to adhering to Japanese legal standards ensures that our imported hemp-derived materials not only maintain exceptional quality but also meet all necessary compliance criteria, solidifying our dedication to the Japanese market.

Wholesale distribution

By procuring hemp-derived raw materials specifically tailored to meet the demands of the Japanese market directly from Europe, we are able to provide our customers with highly competitive pricing. Our strategic sourcing approach allows us to not only maintain the highest quality standards but also pass on cost savings to our valued clients.

New business

We meticulously analyze global market trends and strategically formulate innovative business concepts and consumer demands that can be seamlessly integrated into the Japanese market. Through this diligent approach, we identify emerging opportunities and tailor our offerings to meet the dynamic needs of the Japanese market, fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation.


Our group brings together experts and innovators to research and implement breakthrough solutions for the future.


Astrasana Japan Co. Ltd.

Our goal is to provide new value that meets the needs and expectations of our customers by manufacturing, developing and distributing hemp-derived products that are edence-based, safe and of superior quality.


Astrasana Japan Co. Ltd.

Our goal is to be close to people who need hemp-based products and to contribute to the creation of an environment where hemp-based products are readily available to as many people as possible.

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